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About The Complete University Guide


The Complete University Guide has been publishing university and related league tables online since 2007. The league tables are compiled by Mayfield University Consultants.

Year Name Publication Associates
2007 Good University Guide (GUG 2008) 30 July 2007 Daily Telegraph
2008 Complete University Guide (CUG 2009) 24 April 2008 The Independent
2009 Complete University Guide (CUG 2010) 30 April 2009 The Independent
2010 Complete University Guide (CUG 2011) 20 May 2010 The Independent
2011 Complete University Guide (CUG 2012) 18 April 2011 Daily Telegraph
2012 Complete University Guide (CUG 2013) 24 April 2012 Daily Mail
2013 Complete University Guide (CUG 2014) 29 April 2013 –––
2014 Complete University Guide (CUG 2015) 12 May 2014 –––
2015 Complete University Guide (CUG 2016) 27 April 2015 –––
2016 Complete University Guide (CUG 2017) 25 April 2016 –––


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Advertising and Sales

Marcella Collins is Commercial Director for The Complete University Guide.


Editorial and Content

Robert de la Bedoyere is Content Manager for The Complete University Guide. As well as general content, he looks after social media. After spending some time teaching science, Robert initially worked with The Complete University Guide as an intern. He has a degree in biology from the University of Sheffield. Rob 200 X 200 
Cicely Oliver is Managing Editor for The Complete University Guide, looking after all content. She began her publishing career with Times Books in London and has worked in reference publishing for some 25 years. She has been part of The Complete University Guide team since its inception in 2007, and was involved with the compilation of The Times Good University Guide for several years before that. Cicely 
Tom Allingham is a Content Publisher for The Complete University Guide. Tom initially joined our team as an intern after graduating from Queen Mary University with a degree in English Language and Linguistics in the summer of 2015. This is his first full-time role since leaving university, and Tom spends his time writing, updating and editing content for both our website and social media accounts.  Tom internship

Stephanie Butler is the Digital Content Intern for The Complete University Guide. She graduated from Swansea University in 2014 with a degree in English Literature, and has since spent her time travelling and undertaking an editorial and writing internship, before securing a role with The Complete University Guide.


League Tables and University Liaison

Neil Davidson works with Andrew to prepare the ranking tables for The Complete University Guide. He is Planning Team Leader at the University of Nottingham, where his responsibilities include resource allocation modelling and management information reporting. Before working in Planning at Nottingham, Neil performed a similar role at the University of Derby, interrupted by a short stint in Quality Assurance at Nottingham. He has a degree in Business Studies from the University of Humberside (now Lincoln).

Andrew Hindmarsh oversees the preparation of data for The Complete University Guide tables. He is Head of Planning at the University of Nottingham, where his responsibilities include providing management information and statistical returns to official bodies. Before moving to Nottingham, Andrew was Head of the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the University of Sheffield, where for ten years he worked closely with admissions tutors and UCAS. He has degrees in Zoology and Animal Behaviour from the University of Oxford.  Andrew
Bernard Kingston is the creator of The Complete University Guide league tables. He is now a university consultant, having spent many years working in the higher education sector. His past roles include Director of the Careers Advisory Service and Director of International Affairs at the University of Sheffield. He is a past president of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (Agcas) and has advised governments and universities in Asia, Africa, Australia and the UK. He has degrees in Chemistry from the Universities of Leicester and Sussex. Bernard is the Principal Partner in Mayfield University Consultants.  Bernard
Alison Patterson is University Liaison and Research Manager for The Complete University Guide. She previously worked in university administration at Sheffield University and Leicester Polytechnic. She has a degree in History from the University of York.  Alison
James Seymour contributes experience and expertise to many areas of content on The Complete University Guide.  Currently he is the Director of Admissions and Recruitment at the University of Buckingham having worked in student recruitment roles at the universities of Aston, Northumbria, Sheffield and Leeds. James has served on the National Committee of HELOA (Higher Education Liaison Officers' Association) and has a degree in Politics from the University of Sheffield and a Masters in Marketing Management from Aston Business School. James is a Governor of a large grammar school in Birmingham and a member of the OCR Examination Board HE Liaison Group. James is a regular speaker at conferences related to student recruitment, student decision making and curriculum reform.  James

Press and Media

David Jobbins is Editorial Consultant to The Complete University Guide, contributes news and other articles to the website, and handles press and media enquiries. He writes for University World News and is a Special Professor in International Education at the University of Nottingham. David was International Editor of The Times Higher Education Supplement from 1992 to 2007.


Our offices are at:

The Complete University Guide
First Floor
Bedford House
69–79 Fulham High Street

Mayfield University Consultants are the compilers of the Complete University Guide Tables. Between 1997 and 2006 Mayfield compiled the university league tables for The Times Good University Guide. Since 2007, Mayfield and its associates have been publishing The Complete University Guide online.

On 9 October 2015, The Complete University Guide was acquired by Hotcourses.

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