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University of Chester

2016 League Table Ranking 93
2016 Overall Score 553
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Bursaries and Scholarships

The University is keen that tuition fees will not discourage students from entering higher education. The Office for Fair Access is an independent body, set up to promote widening participation in higher education for under-represented groups following the introduction of tuition fees, and the University has been working with the organisation to find its most comprehensive support package for students for 2015–16. This will include:

  • Chester Bursary Aaward to the value of £2,000 in cash will be given to any new full-time undergraduate degree entrant paying a tuition fee of over £6,000, who has a declared household residual income of £25,000 or less. This will comprise of a cash and ‘in-kind’ benefit totalling £1,000 in Year 1, with £500 in each of Years 2 and 3 of the programme.
  • Chester Link Bursary For those who have attended one of the University’s targeted partner schools, academies or colleges, awards of £2,000 in part cash and ‘in kind’ benefits will be paid, with £1,000 in the first year of study and £500 in each of Years 2 and 3. Eligibility criteria: New full-time undergraduate degree entrants paying a tuition fee of over £6,000, and who have a declared household residual income of between £25,000 and £42,600, will be eligible for consideration. This scheme is open to any student who completed their Level 3 studies at one of the targeted schools, academies or colleges up to two years prior to the start of their undergraduate programme (or completed Level 2 studies within the previous four years in the case of schools that do not offer Level 3 studies).
  • Chester Excellence Scholarships Students who attain grades of ABB (or equivalent) and have a household income of less than £42,600 will be eligible for an Excellence Scholarship. (This would be in addition to a Chester Bursary or a Chester Link Bursary). The total value of this Scholarship is £2,000, which will be given part as cash and part ‘in kind’, with £1,000 in the first year and £500 in each of Years 2 and 3. Only students paying a tuition fee of £9,000 will be eligible for this Scholarship and the University expects to spend approximately £500,000 on this bursary for students entering the University in 2015–16.
  • Care Leavers Bursary For new undergraduate students who are verified care leavers, this Bursary will be available on a first come, first served basis. The scheme will normally provide care leavers with £7,000 of benefits over the three years of their programme, with £2,000 cash and £1000 fee waiver being given in Year 1 and £1,000 cash and £1,000 fee waiver being given in each of Years 2 and 3 of their programme. The benefits may be given part as cash and part in-kind. The University expects to spend approximately £90,000 on this bursary scheme in 2015–16.
  • There are also a number of post entry prizes and scholarships.

Tuition Fees 2015

  • Erasmus or other study year abroad £1,350; sandwich years £1,800; full-time foundation degree programme £7,650.
Minimum fee £4,950 Maximum fee £9,000
Average fee £8,874 Average cost to student* £8,514

* The estimated average cost per student after allowing for financial support (e.g. fee waivers, bursaries, scholarships and other in-kind support) from the institution.

Reddin Survey of University Tuition Fees

The fees below are for undergraduate courses.

Year UK and EU Students Overseas – Classroom Overseas – Laboratory
2014–2015 £9,000 £10,700 £10,700
2013–2014 £9000 - -
2010–2011 £3290 £9655 £12625
2008–2009 £3145 £7182 £7830-8388
* PGHEU £3510 to £6120, most at £3510
2006–2007 £3000 £7848* £6720*
* UGOS - three bands, B - £7848, C - £7320, D - £6720; PGHEU - £2760 to £5580; PGOS - three bands as for UGOS

For further information

  • +44 (0)1244 511000
  • University of Chester
    Parkgate Road
    CH1 4BJ

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