Top Reasons to Attend University in London

  • Population 8,173,000
  • Student population 306,000
London is by far the largest city in the UK and it has universities located both in the centre of the city, University College London and the University of Westminster, and well away from the centre, Kingston, Greenwich and Brunel. Check carefully the location of any London university that you are considering. Universities in London

Whether you are interested in parks or pubs, theatres or cinemas, shopping or sightseeing, museums or art galleries, dancing non-stop throughout the weekend or eating every cuisine under the sun, London can meet your requirements.

Getting around

Attractions for students

London's universities and colleges

Crime in university cities

Student Cost of Living

  Average Weekly Expenditure/£
Rent 105.32
Groceries 28.34
Utilites 13.86
Books and Course Materials 10.04
Gym or Sports Membership 3.75
Photocopying/Library Expenditure 1.26

Based on data supplied from the Natwest Student Living Index 2015.

Content was accurate at the time of compilation. Population figures are compiled from the 2011 censuses for England and Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

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