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International Students – the Facts

A global education

  • If you choose the UK as your study abroad destination (and we certainly hope you do) then not only will you be able to experience the different cultures of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but you'll also experience Asian, African, Indian, European and American cultures as well. That's because more than one in ten students studying in the UK come from overseas – a much higher figure than the USA!
  • So, when you enrol at a UK university, you could expect to be studying alongside students from over 100 different countries. Now that's a truly global education.

Facts and figures

  • We have lots of useful tables and statistics in this section that we hope will help you in your research and choice of UK universities and higher education institutions.
  • But before you look further it is important to know that the data we have used are based solely on the numbers of international students attending a particular university and say nothing about the quality of that university. Therefore, make sure you cross reference to the main League Table and the Subject Tables which are concerned with quality.

In this section you can find out:

Useful websites for international students

  • If you're thinking of studying abroad here in the UK for your undergraduate or postgraduate degree, there are lots of questions you'll want answered. We hope you can find most of the information you are looking for here at The Complete University Guide, but if you have any questions, just ask. Our experts will be happy to answer them for you and offer any further advice they can.
  • We can also recommend the British Council website, where you can find details of their support services for international students, and the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), which is another useful source of advice and information on issues like immigration, permission to work and tuition fee status.

Background research

  • The data displayed in these tables are based on overseas students enrolling in all years of first degree courses at UK universities in 2013–14 and are the latest figures available. They exclude those students whose complete study programmes were outside the UK but include the majority of students taking part in EU exchange programmes such as ERASMUS, TEMPUS and LINGUA at UK universities. 
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