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Studying in the UK

The UK is the second most popular destination for students from overseas, after the USA. More than 350,000 international students enrol each year, more than 20 per cent of the world's share.

  • International students considering the UK have a choice of over 140 universities and higher education institutions, each offering a great range of tertiary qualifications that will be recognised the world over. (More in our UK university ranking.)
  • The factors to take into account in reaching a decision go beyond a choice of university and degree course.
  • Tuition fees vary between institutions, and many international students will need to be aware of visa requirements, including English language qualifications, and work permit restrictions.
  • The application process – how and when to apply – is also important.
  • Then you will need to decide on your accommodation.

The Complete University Guide offers a wealth of information and advice on some of the key factors international students will need to consider. Want to know more? Send us a question.

The United Kingdom

There are four parts of the United Kingdom (UK): England, Scotland and Wales – sometimes collectively called Great Britain – and the province of Northern Ireland.

Of the 126 universities and colleges ranked in The Complete University Guide:

  • 103 are in England
  • 14 are in Scotland
  • 7 are in Wales
  • 2 are in Northern Ireland.

In the late 1990s, a Parliament in Scotland and an Assembly in Wales were established, each with devolved powers. These bodies have a significant impact on university education in these countries. For example, EU students at Scottish universities (except those from the rest of the UK) do not pay tuition fees. Scottish universities have seen a surge in numbers of overseas applicants, no doubt as a result of such policy changes.

Find the right university

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