Whether you're a graduate looking to progress, or even kick-start your career in business, gaining a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) could be the boost you require. This section of the site contains all the information you need from institutions offering MBA courses in the UK and overseas. 

MBA of the Month: Warwick Business SchoolMBA of the Month: Warwick Business SchoolMBA of the Month: Warwick Business School

MBA of the Month: Warwick Business School

Studying for an MBA at Warwick

Choosing an MBA

How to choose the best MBA

The Benefits of an MBA

How will studying for an MBA benefit you?

MBA fees range from £16,000 to £73,000 in the UK. We're here to tell you how this investment might be worthwhile.

Applying for an MBA

Applying for an MBA can be a daunting prospect. Read our guide to the MBA application process.

MBA Courses Around the World

As well as world-class business schools in the UK, there are many highly ranked MBA courses around the world.

Real-life MBA Stories

Thinking about studying for an MBA? Our readers take you through the process, from applying all the way to where it'll get you.

Andrea Solana - Imperial Erol Ozenbas - Imperial Inna Semenyuk - Imperial

Women and MBAs

The facts and figures

If you're concerned about the number of women studying for MBAs, you'll be happy to hear that things are changing. 

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