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Preparing to Go

Everything you need for university, in one place.

Future Finance: Specialist Student LoansGraduate starting salaries and the professional premium

Future Finance: Specialist Student Loans

Trusted by students from over 130 universities in the UK

Insure Your stuff

Things break. Things go missing. Be prepared.

Insurance is a way of preparing now for the future, and protecting yourself from financial loss as best you can. Begin investigating insurance now so that you can rest easy about what comes later.

Gap Years

Volunteer Projects for Gap Years, Gap Months, Career Breaks, Electives & Summer Placements


Projects Abroad is the leading global organiser of overseas volunteer work placements.

Freshers Week

Freshers Week 2015 has landed. Whether you're getting ready or already there our advice articles should make for interesting reading. 

Books for Students

From effective study to cooking tasty, cheap meals

The Complete Study Skills Guide

University isn't all about fun, there's work to be done! These How To Books will guide you through the whole process, from preparing your personal statement to writing that final dissertation.  

How to Boil an Egg Cover All you need to know if you are away from home and cooking for yourself for the first time. From scrambled eggs and frying sausages right up to cooking a Sunday lunch or a splendid curry.
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