Gap Years

The Gap Year has become a desirable option for those about to go to university. You’re 18, you’ve been in education all your life, and let’s face it: you’re tired. Why not go on the holiday of a lifetime? You can climb a mountain, help build a school in Peru, Cambodia, Ecuador or Vietnam, trek around an ancient ruin, or if you fancy it, just get some valuable work experience in the UK.

The Gap Year offers a wonderful break between your childhood and adulthood; it’s an opportunity you’re unlikely to ever get again. So why not grab it with both hands?

Employers – more and more – value unique experience in their employees. Someone who’s learned a language, experienced different cultures and different perspectives, dedicated months of their lives to a charitable enterprise, or worked towards their lifelong career ambitions.

So to benefit your life, your career and even the lives of other – consider a Gap Year.

Gap Year Articles

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Gap year blogger, Sophie Rainbow, gives us the latest from her year out of education:

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Gap year blogger, Olivia Ross, has just started her year away from education:

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Staying healthy on your gap year

Gap Year Case Studies

We've teamed up with Projects Abroad to give you all the info you'll need on gap years, including first-hand accounts from some of their volunteers:


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