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Learn to Cook

New Curry Secret Cover A new book from the author of the bestselling The Curry Secret, containing 100 brand-new recipes and illustrated with colour photographs.Kris Dhillon’s first book, The Curry Secret, revealed the secret of the basic curry sauce used by Indian restaurant chefs. Since that book’s first publication, there has been an increase in the variety of new and vibrant Indian dishes served in restaurants. Now her second book, The New Curry Secret, shows how to create these wonderful new dishes easily and expertly. The mouthwatering recipes include Chicken Chettinad, Lamb Kalia, Balti Subzi, Beef Badami, Fish Ambotik, Malabar Prawn Biryani, to name just a few.

The New Curry Secret also includes a new recipe for the curry sauce – which smells great even in the making! Plus labour-saving ideas and tips to make cooking your favourite Indian restaurant food at home even easier.

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Takeaway Secret Cover

Discover how to cook your own tasty takeaway food at home

The Takeaway Secret is a book which will enable readers to cook their own tasty takeaway food at home. After over 5 years of research and investigation, the secret ingredients and cooking techniques used by takeaway and fast food restaurants can now finally be revealed.

In today’s increasingly health conscious and now financially cautious world, there’s never been a better time to learn the secrets of cooking your own takeaway food at home. From now on, the takeaway menu will become an inspiration to cook, not an expensive option for dinner.

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How to Boil an Egg Cover

A brand new edition of the book that has life-time sales of 230,000 copies.

Jan Arkless’s bestselling recipe book has given confidence to a whole generation of new cooks. This new edition has been fully updated to include such new recipes as Hoisin Chicken Stir Fry, Tabbouleh and Winter Pork Casserole.

Leaving home for university or to start a new job? Suddenly faced with cooking for yourself for the first time and don’t want to exist on a diet of takeaways or squander your money on expensive ready-made meals? Don’t worry! All the recipes you need are here, starting right at the beginning with how to boil an egg – and then how to poach, scramble and fry it as well!

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Student Grub

Quick and easy meals for first-time cooks

Just when you thought food came straight from the kitchen on a plate you discover that it needs cooking first - and there's no-one around to tell you how!

Well, there's no need to starve, nor to blow all your money on expensive takeaways. Simply grab this book and head for the cooker with confidence.

Jan Arkless tells you all the things you need to know - from how to scramble eggs and fry sausages right up to cooking Sunday lunch or a splendid curry! And she knows just what needs explaining too because she did it for her own children when they went off to University.

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