Where to Live

After choice of university and course, the next most important decision is where to live.

We have deliberately devoted a complete section to where to live because it is often by far the biggest item of expenditure – rent alone could account for 70 per cent of weekly income. It is also crucially important to success at university so it is well worth giving time and effort to the various accommodation options available, making sure you maintain maximum flexibility within any arrangements.

Student demand is polarising. Some are seeking premium accommodation in ensuite flats with fast internet connection, perhaps even a great view as standard, whilst others, more cash-strapped, are looking for the bare minimum.

Where students live %
University hall (en suite) 25
University hall (not ensuite) 29
University house or flat 6
Private house or flat 13
Living with parents 18
Living in own house or flat 8
Living in lodgings 1

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Read on for all you need to know about where to live.

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