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UCAS Clearing 2015

UCAS Clearing – a way of matching universities without students to students without universities – and what you need to know about results day.

CUG Course Chooser

CUG Course Chooser

Use the new CUG Course Chooser to search through over 100,000 courses from more than 350 UK universities and colleges.

Clearing – Where to Go for Help

Need advice? Looking for contact details?

This handy page lists all the sites and contacts you could possibly need for A-level results day and the Clearing process.

Clearing for Beginners

How does clearing work?

Read our easily digestable guide to the clearing process and a rundown of the dos and don'ts. 

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Real Life Experiences

What do students say about Clearing?

Jasmine Niamh Jenny Jacobson - Surrey 2

After results day

Important things to do before you go!

Alternatives to Full-Time Study

Other ways of studying for a degree

You don't need to follow a full-time course in order to move in higher education.

Results and Clearing

The wait is over and you have your exam results...

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Results Day and Clearing

  • A-level results are published soon. Is there anything I should be doing now, prior to receiving my results?
  • What is the best way to check whether or not I have a place at university?
  • Who can use UCAS Clearing?
  • I've got the results I expected, and I've met the conditions laid down by my firm choice. Do I need to do anything on Results Day?

Scotland – Exam Results Day 2015

Information for Scottish students on Results Day 2015

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