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Managing Your Money

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Don't be frightened of
tackling your finances

Reduce financial worries by working out your budget before you start at university.

  • Work out your income, expenditure and balance the two by budgeting.
  • As you read through these pages, look at your own personal situation and draw up an annual expenditure list.
  • Once you have your financial support in place, you will know your minimum income for the year.
  • Work out your budget and refer to it on a regular basis throughout the year, to see how you are doing.
  • Although sometimes a hard discipline, sticking to a budget this year will stop you seriously overspending and give you a really good idea of how much the following years at university might cost you.
  • Sainsbury's Bank has produced a useful free Guide to Planning for Your Financial Future. It contains advice on budgeting, your credit score and saving. Read a Guide to Planning for Your Financial Future.
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