A Levels and Highers

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Replying to offers

Discover how to reply to offers from universities.

Choosing Your A Levels or Highers

Not sure which subjects to take? Follow our guide to choosing.

Choosing Your Highers

How to choose the best Highers for what you want to do (or if you don't yet know!)

Advice on making the right decision. Info about Advanced Highers and Scottish Baccalaureates.

CUG Course Chooser

Search out the best university and college courses

Search over 105,000 degree courses from some 700 universities and colleges – find key course information, entry requirements and tuition fees.

University Entry Requirements

Entry requirements are a key part of choosing a course

Choosing a Degree Course

Things to think about when choosing

Choosing a subject and course to study at uni can seem a daunting task. There are so many choices to make that you may feel overwhelmed by it all. There is no one course which suits everyone, so we know how important it is to find the right one for you. The best way to decide what you would like to study is to ask yourself the following questions. 

  • Which subjects interest me?
  • What are my talents?
  • What job would I like to do after attending university or college?
  • Which academic skills would I like to improve?

Art and Design Foundation Diplomas (Art Foundation)

Art and design foundation diplomas can be a useful (or sometimes necessary) entry requirement for many related degrees. 

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