Changes to A levels

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New A level and AS level qualifications are being introduced in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

Unlike the old system, new AS levels will not contribute to the new A levels or the grades students achieve.

It is very important to research and understand what your school or college is able to offer you at AS and A level.

In England

Remember – changes to the UCAS tariff
  • These changes should not have any impact on your decisions about which subjects to study, or your university or college application.
  • Remember that not all universities use the tariff system.

The UCAS tariff is also changing for 2017 entry, with a new set of points for each qualification. A key change is that the AS level will only be worth 40% of a full A level in UCAS tariff point terms.

In Northern Ireland

There will be differences between new A levels and AS levels offered, depending on the awarding organisation (the organisation which administers the exams).

In Wales

There will also be changes to A levels and AS levels over the next few years.

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