If you don’t know what you want to study at university

Some A level subjects (facilitating subjects) are regarded by virtually all universities as being acceptable.

'I have no idea what degree I want to study but my school is wanting me to choose my A levels for next year and I'm worried that some doors will be closed to me later on.' Laura, year 11 student from Leeds

What are the facilitating subjects?
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English literature
  • Geography
  • History
  • Maths and further maths
  • Modern and classical languages
  • Physics

Generally speaking taking two facilitating subjects will keep a wide range of degree courses open to you. 

Think carefully about your combination of subjects. Consider the subjects you do well in.

Take a look at the syllabus for each subject you are considering, especially if they were not available to you at GCSE level.

Another consideration is workload.

Some leading universities in the UK have lists of subjects they feel do not prepare students for a degree.


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