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Our independent, easy-to-understand university league tables and rankings give you all the key information you need for your university research.

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With so many universities and colleges in the UK, choosing the one that's right for you isn't always easy. That's where we come in.

Helping you make the right choice

At the Complete University Guide, we help students around the world to make the right choice. Our university league tables and rankings serve as a guide to which university is best for you. On this website, you'll find guidance and support for every stage of your journey to university, from choosing a course and university to researching funding and accommodation.

Not just for students

As well as university applicants, the site is used by university administrators, heads of departments and admissions tutors, governments and political bodies, academics and researchers, graduate recruiters, and scholarship awarding bodies.

Working together

An autonomous and editorially independent division of IDP Connect, we work closely with UK universities, Higher Education organisations including UCAS, HESA and Jisc, and the media to make sure you get the most relevant and up-to-date information and advice. All the data in our league tables and rankings comes from sources in the public domain.

We partner with other student-focused organisations including Propel and Exceptional Individuals. If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch.

What people are saying…

It's really important that pupils see the bigger picture when it comes to their careers and educational journey. This motivates them to study well for their GCSEs and the posters provide an opportunity for discussion and independent research. Your impartial guidance is much appreciated.

Vicky, Career Coordinator
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Our history

We published university and related league tables in print for over 10 years before moving exclusively online in 2007. In 2015, the guide was acquired by IDP Connect (formerly Hotcourses Group), a division of IDP Education, global leaders in student marketing and recruitment.

In its early years, the guide was published in association with a succession of national newspapers: the Daily Telegraph, Independent and Daily Mail. Since 2013, it has had no links with any one newspaper.

University league table publishing history

League table Publication date
Good University Guide 2008 30 July 2007
Complete University Guide 2009 24 April 2008
Complete University Guide 2010 30 April 2009
Complete University Guide 2011 20 May 2010
Complete University Guide 2012 18 April 2011
Complete University Guide 2013 24 April 2012
Complete University Guide 2014 29 April 2013
Complete University Guide 2015 12 May 2014
Complete University Guide 2016 27 April 2015
Complete University Guide 2017 25 April 2016
Complete University Guide 2018 26 April 2017
Complete University Guide 2019 25 April 2018
Complete University Guide 2020 1 May 2019
Complete University Guide 2021 9 June 2020
Complete University Guide 2022 8 June 2021
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Our editorial code

The content on this site is researched, written and approved by our Editorial Board with advice from our wider Advisory Board. We maintain our editorial independence and operate separately to other IDP Connect and IDP publications.

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Meet the team

Advertising and Sales


Camilla King

Head of Client Partnerships (UK)

Camilla drives the UK commercial strategy, with overall responsibility for the team, directing and influencing new marketing and intelligence services, as well as directing solutions for our university partners

Ed Kelly

Ed Kelly

Head of Client Partnerships (International)

Ed helps our university partners grow and diversify student recruitment objectives through marketing, recruitment and data solutions.


Cicely Oliver

Cicely Oliver


Cicely leads the content team to deliver engaging, relevant and accurate content for users, to help them make the best decisions for their higher education while improving outcomes for the overall business.

Joseph Wood

Joseph Wood


Joseph manages the website, ensuring the content is authentic and accurate, in order to help students find the information they need to make their personal higher education choices.

Jamie Dobbs

Jamie Dobbs


Jamie writes, edits and monitors content across the CUG website. He also assists with UX research and writing to provide our audience with tailored, comprehensive content.

League Tables and University Liaison

Alison Patterson

Alison Patterson

University Liaison and Research Manager

Alison is responsible for all consultations with the HE sector and is the first point of contact for enquiries about league table compilation.

Amanda Chetwynd

Amanda Chetwynd

Advisory Board Chair

A member of the board since 2008, Amanda is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Former PVC/Provost at Lancaster University.

Andrew Hindmarsh

Andrew Hindmarsh

League Tables Compiler and Data Adviser

Andrew oversees the preparation of data for the Complete University Guide tables and compiles the subject tables. He is a former Head of Planning at the University of Nottingham.

Bernard Kingston

Bernard Kingston

Founding Chairman

Founder of the Complete University Guide and involved with league table compilation and publishing for more than 25 years. Bernard held the position of Chairman from 2007–20.

James Seymour

James Seymour

Editorial Adviser

James, Director of Communications, Marketing and Student Recruitment at the University of Gloucestershire, contributes experience and expertise in university recruitment and admissions.

Neil Davidson

Neil Davidson

League Tables Compiler and Data Adviser

Neil prepares the main and arts ranking tables for the guide. He is Head of Student Statutory Reporting and Analytics at the University of Nottingham.

Sophie Rogers

Sophie Rogers

Research and Content Editor

Sophie researches new content for the site and updates our university profiles.

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