Anglia Ruskin University

Why study here 

You’re ambitious. You want to succeed on your chosen career path, and Anglia Ruskin can’t wait to see what you achieve. The university works closely with businesses to equip you with in-demand knowledge and skills, to help you get where you want to be. 

You’re innovative. You have ideas, and you want to make them a reality. That’s where the Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Academy (AREA) comes in by helping you access support from like-minded people and get your dream business up and running. 

You’re courageous. You think big, and you want to make a difference to the world around you. Anglia Ruskin is seeking solutions to the challenges faced in the region. The brand new School of Medicine, the first in Essex, will facilitate the teaching of future generations of doctors, and ease the pressure currently felt by the health sector. 

You’re community-minded. Anglia Ruskin works with partners to ensure that people from all backgrounds have the opportunity to achieve their potential by coming to university. 

You’re proud. Not only of who you are, but of what you know you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. Many Anglia Ruskin students and staff have won awards, and you could too. 

Visit the website find out more about Anglia Ruskin and what the university does.

Top tips for Clearing 

1. Take a breath. Think about what you really enjoy, not just the subjects you’re good at. What are your passions? Where can you see yourself in five years? 

2. Think options. Make sure you understand the variety of subjects out there – ARU has a range of courses, and you might be surprised at what’s on offer. The website publishes information about available courses in Clearing, and UCAS lists courses at universities across the UK.

3. Be proactive. Consider how you did in your exams. If you feel like you might need a contingency plan, start one – ARU has an online self-apply form that lets you start your Clearing application from 3 July.

4. Have your details handy. To apply through Clearing, you’ll need to know your results and some other information. ARU's online self-apply has a check-list – just click ‘apply online’ from the web page of your chosen course. You can fill in your details ahead of Results Day and add your results when you get them.

5. Call on Results Day. ARU’s trained call centre staff will be waiting to help you with your Clearing application. Call from a quiet place and be ready to jot down important information, like your unique Clearing Number. With so many courses and universities, it can be easy to get mixed up.

6. Ask about accommodation. Find out what’s available to you and make this part of your decision-making process. ARU has several options depending where you live now, what you want to study, and which campus your course is at.

7. Confirm your offer. If ARU make you an offer, you’ll need to act quickly. The university will email you all the information you’ll need.

8. Visit campus. Visit the campus where you want to study – it’ll be a big part of your life, so it’s a good idea to get a feel for it. At ARU, there are guided campus tours every Wednesday.


ARU want you to be happy in every aspect of your life at university, and that includes finding the right home for you. The university have a lot of options for new students to choose from in Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough – and the Residential Service Team is always on hand to offer help and advice.

You can find all the information you need about what available accommodation and how to apply for it online.

Student success story

Melissa used Clearing to successfully find a place at Anglia Ruskin – read about her experience.