Arden University

Why study here? 

Students study at Arden University because they want something different. Arden is for those who don’t want to, or can't, put three years of their life on hold for a degree. It's for those who want to earn money and get work experience, while studying, to make themselves stand out from the crowd. 

Arden University provides career focused qualifications through both Blended Learning and Distance Learning, giving students more choice about how and when they study.

Top tips for Clearing

  1. Stay calm and don’t rush your decision. Make sure you choose your university carefully as you will be there for next three or four years!

  2. Have your UCAS Clearing number ready before you call up, Arden will have lots of students waiting to call in, so it is important you are prepared.

  3. The earlier you call, the more likely you are to get a place. 


As Arden offers both Blended and Distance Learning, there is no need for accommodation, which keeps your living costs down! If you live near one of the five study centres in London, Birmingham or Manchester, you can attend a Blended Learning course. You will only need to be on campus a maximum of two days a week. If you do not live near the study centres, you can study one of Arden’s online courses.