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Marine biologists on a research boat

Careers with a Biology degree

There are many career options to pursue if you have a Biology degree. We list some of...

31 May 2022
Biomedical Sciences graduate conducting experiments

Careers with a Biomedical Sciences degree

The skills you gain from a Biomedical Sciences degree are useful to many...

31 May 2022
Chemistry graduate mixing chemicals in lab

Careers with a Chemistry degree

A Chemistry degree may open more doors than you think. See what career possibilities...

31 May 2022
Criminology graduate using charts on phone and computer

Careers with a Criminology degree

A Criminology degree doesnt limit you to a job in the criminal justice sector. See what...

31 May 2022

Careers with a Geography degree

Wondering what career options you have with a Geography degree? We take you through some...

31 May 2022
History graduate looking at books in library

Careers with a History degree

History graduates go into roles as archivists, media researchers, analysts, teachers and...

31 May 2022
Two law graduates discussing with paper on a table

Careers with a Law degree

As well as becoming a barrister or solicitor, there are many career routes you can go...

31 May 2022
Mathematics graduate's hands working out sums on paper

Careers with a Mathematics degree

A degree in Mathematics will take you far employers include the NHS, PwC, ONS and...

31 May 2022
Psychology graduate writing on notepad

Careers with a Psychology degree

A Psychology degree can lead to many meaningful careers in sectors ranging from...

31 May 2022
Sociology graduates working on a computer

Careers with a Sociology degree

Many careers you could pursue with a Sociology degree can help you make the world a...

31 May 2022
Economics student on laptop

Careers with an Economics degree

Economists are needed in sectors ranging from finance to NGO. Learn about what careers...

31 May 2022
English graduate working on laptop

Careers with an English degree

An English degree equips you with skills suitable for almost every professional sector....

31 May 2022

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