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 Female Lawyer In Court Holding Brief And Book

How to become a barrister or advocate

The different routes for becoming a barrister or advocate in the UK with or without a...

31 May 2022
Businesspeople discussing deal details at group meeting

How to become a chartered legal executive

The different routes for qualifying as a chartered legal executive in the UK, and how to...

31 May 2022
Counsellor with psychology degree speaking with client

How to become a counsellor or therapist

There are different types of verbal counselling and therapy. This is a brief guide on how...

31 May 2022
Diagnostic radiographer Rupert talking about his role and experience working with the NHS

How to become a diagnostic radiographer

Working in radiography will put you at the cutting edge of medical technology and...

31 May 2022
Dietician in white coat holding a tablet and talking to a patient

How to become a dietician

Dieticians are healthcare professionals who help people with eating and nutrition. This...

31 May 2022
Midwife holding a newborn baby

How to become a midwife

Youll need an approved degree in Midwifery and registration with the NMC to become a...

31 May 2022
NHS nurses talking about their experience and role

How to become a nurse

Nursing is one of the most exciting and fulfilling professions, with constant learning...

31 May 2022
A paramedic talking about his role and experience working for the NHS

How to become a paramedic

No two workdays are the same for emergency service workers. Our guide explores how to...

17 Feb 2022
A physiotherapist talking about her role and experience working for the NHS

How to become a physiotherapist

You'll need an approved degree in Physiotherapy and registration with the HCPC to become...

31 May 2022
An orthotist with the NHS helping a patient learn to rebalance on their foot.

How to become a prosthetist or orthotist

Prosthetists and orthotists are instrumental in helping those with mobility issues...

31 May 2022
Older man and young boy working in a garden

How to become a social worker

You'll need to register to become a social worker in the UK. This page outlines how to...

31 May 2022
Students discuss project studying at laptop together

How to become a solicitor in the UK

A rundown of what it means to be a solicitor and the different ways of becoming one in...

31 May 2022

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