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PhD students typing on their laptop

What is a PhD?

Are you considering a PhD degree? We take a look at what a PhD is, how long it takes and...

13 Sep 2021
Student with teacher looking at engineering plans

What is STEM?

STEM subjects are some of the most sought-after degrees from employers. Learn about STEM...

19 Oct 2021

What to ask at a university open day

To get the most out of a university open day or virtual event, come with a list of...

19 Aug 2021
Stethoscope and medical books on a shelf

What to do if you dont get into medical school

Getting into medical school is very competitive. See what options there are if you didn't...

19 Aug 2021
exhausted student applying to uni

What to do if you miss the UCAS deadline

Missing the UCAS application deadline isnt the end of the world and you still have...

04 Mar 2021
Students in an MBA class

What's an MBA?

Everything you need to know about the Master's of Business Administration, the world's...

02 Sep 2021
Student on laptop doing distance learning

What's distance learning?

Distance learning lets you study remotely without regular face-to-face contact with a...

23 Aug 2021
Smiling students accelerated degree graduation

Whats an accelerated degree?

Accelerated degrees let you fast-track your study and graduate in just two years. We've...

23 Aug 2021
Student with laptop researching higher education

Whats an Access to Higher Education Diploma?

Dont have the qualifications needed for entry to higher education? Consider an Access to...

23 Aug 2021
Student on phone calling about Adjustment

Whats UCAS Adjustment?

Adjustment allows prospective students, who received higher grades than expected, to...

02 Sep 2021
student watching video course, distance e-learning, studying with online teacher

Why study your chosen subject?

Each subject area offers a variety of reasons why it could be the perfect fit for you....

26 Oct 2021
Group Of Students Using Computers In university library

Why use our university league tables?

Our university league tables can help you understand more about each university,...

09 Jun 2021

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