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Female apprentice and nurse using the laptop in the hospital

Degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships allow you to gain a degree for free while youre employed as a...

01 Feb 2022
Early years teacher teaching kindergarten children

Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT)

If you want to work with pre-school children, find out about early years teacher training...

31 May 2022
Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Inspecting and Working on Airplane Jet Engine

Five reasons to study Aeronautical & Aerospace...

Why should you study Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering? See five reasons why you...

08 Feb 2022
Road sign saying 'Wall St' with three USA flags behind

Five reasons to study American Studies

American Studies is an interesting and fulfilling degree, but why should you study it and...

08 Feb 2022
Paintbrush mixes paint on palette

Five reasons to study Art & Design

Art & Design has many real-life applications and career prospects. Discover five of the...

08 Feb 2022
Petronas KLCC building at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during sunset

Five reasons to study Asian Studies

Asian Studies is a fascinating and fulfilling degree, but why should you study it and how...

08 Feb 2022
Two science students doing research in a lab

Five reasons to study Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences has many real-life applications and a lot of great career prospects....

08 Feb 2022
Anatomy student pointing on human skeleton anatomical model

Five reasons to study Biomedical Sciences

Why should you study Biomedical Sciences? Read our five reasons what a degree in this...

08 Feb 2022
Construction student using equipment to survey

Five reasons to study Building

If you're interested in a degree in Building, explore our reasons why it might be a good...

08 Feb 2022
Lord of the Rings title page with celtic-style symbols

Five reasons to study Celtic Studies

Celtic Studies is an intriguing degree, but why should you study it and how can it help...

08 Feb 2022
Chemical engineering student with goggles using tweezers to look at graphene

Five reasons to study Chemical Engineering

There are many different reasons to study Chemical Engineering. Discover five of the best...

08 Feb 2022
Periodic table underneath a test tube and jars with blue and red liquids

Five reasons to study Chemistry

If you're interested in a degree in Chemistry, discover five of the best reasons to see...

08 Feb 2022

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