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Wind turbines on a range of hills

Five reasons to study Climate Change

If youre considering a degree in Climate Change, we've got five compelling reasons to...

25 Oct 2021
Open notebook and pencil for a creative screen writer with film reel, more notebooks and a clapperboard

Five reasons to study Creative Writing

A Creative Writing degree has many real-life applications and gives you a variety of...

08 Feb 2022
Blue and white police cordon ribbon in a London street

Five reasons to study Criminology

There are many motivating reasons to study Criminology. Explore five of the best reasons...

08 Feb 2022
Large dentistry x-ray of mouth

Five reasons to study Dentistry

Dentistry is an interesting and fulfilling degree, with a lucrative career at the end,...

08 Feb 2022
Cinematics student on computer with equipment by green screen

Five reasons to study Drama, Dance & Cinematics

Drama, Dance & Cinematics has many real-life applications and a range of opportunities....

08 Feb 2022
Student raising hand to ask question to teacher in classroom

Five reasons to study Education

Education is an exciting and rewarding degree, but why should you study it and how can it...

08 Feb 2022
Engineer repairing electronic circuit board with soldering iron

Five reasons to study Electrical & Electronic...

If you're interested in a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, discover five...

08 Feb 2022
Books piled up on table in a library

Five reasons to study English

There are many reasons to study English, with many career options and important...

08 Feb 2022
Several students working on laptops and with textiles

Five reasons to study Fashion

Fashion has many real-life applications and varied career options. Discover five of the...

08 Feb 2022
Food scientist expecting chicken eggs for quality control

Five reasons to study Food Science

If you're interested in a degree in Food Science, see five of the best reasons how it can...

08 Feb 2022
View of Paris with the Eiffel Tower and many other buildings under a cloudy blue sky

Five reasons to study French

There are many reasons to study French, not just the careers that open up when you can...

08 Feb 2022
People walking on the Giants Causeway, on an area of hexagonal basalt stones, by green hills, blue skies and blue sea

Five reasons to study Geography & Environmental...

Geography & Environmental Science has many real-life applications and impressive career...

08 Feb 2022

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