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34 results related to "choosing what to study"

Sigmund and Anna Freud

Ten famous psychology achievements

Several psychologists have gained notoriety over the years heres a list of significant...

23 Apr 2020
Busy dentists at work

Ten tips for applying to Dentistry

The Dentistry application process is complex and lengthy. Here are some top tips to help...

23 Apr 2020
Hands writing in a notebook

Tips for writing your teacher training personal...

When applying for teacher training, youll have to submit a personal statement. Follow...

23 Apr 2020
Archeologist working on site

Top ten archaeological discoveries

Archaeological discoveries unravel secrets and challenge our ideas of human history. Here...

23 Apr 2020
concert hall los angeles

Top ten architectural achievements

The evolution of the built environment shows how far humans have come. Heres a timeline...

01 May 2020
Scientists Working on their Computers In Big Modern Laboratory

Top ten biological discoveries

Biology is a fascinating and diverse subject area. If youre thinking of studying...

23 Apr 2020
Prince Charles History

Top ten celebrities with a History degree

Study History and youll tackle some of the most controversial topics humans have dealt...

23 Apr 2020
Marie Curie

Top ten greatest chemists

Chemistry helps us understand the make-up of the universe. To celebrate it, heres a...

23 Apr 2020
Elon Musk

Top ten greatest engineers

Looking to study engineering? Be inspired by these engineers, from all walks of life and...

23 Apr 2020
Roger Federer

Top ten greatest sportspeople

The study of Sports Science is integral to the success of individual sportspeople. Heres...

23 Apr 2020
Milton Friedman

Top ten most influential economists

The economy has a huge impact on the quality of our lives. Heres a timeline of some of...

23 Apr 2020
College students having discussion under tree on campus

Top ten most popular courses for international...

What do international students study at universities in the UK? We count down the ten...

29 Apr 2020

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