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Additional loans for student who doesn't qualify for maintenance grants

My son will not qualify for a maintenance grant because my wife and I are considered 'Rich folk'. Is there anyway he can fund his own maintenance through additional loans, etc?

My son is lazy and has constantly refused to put any effort into his studies, every year he scrapes through and promises to do better "tomorrow" . He now has an offer from Salford University on the Modern Politics & History Course. The entry requirements are very low and I have full confidence he will once again scrape through somehow.

The problem is I don't want to pay for him and watch as he burden himself with 30 K plus of debt for the sake of a 2.3 (at best) degree from a lowly ranked university. This will do nothing to improve his employability or enhance his life chances in anyway.

Is there anyway he can fund himself? I would happily pay his student debts on graduation if he actually grows up and does some work.

Your situation sounds tricky.

Your son will be eligible for the maintenance loan and it sounds as though the max he would get is £3,731 a year. But yes, this is a loan as oppose to a grant.

Some universities offer bursaries/scholarships to exceptional students, or low income students, but you allude to the fact that your son is neither of these.

Perhaps your son is a gifted sportsman competing at regional, national, or international level. In which case he might qualify for a sports bursary.

Otherwise I recommend that your son get a part-time job whilst studying. This really helped during my experience at university and it taught me a thing or two about the real world. And with Manchester non his doorstep he should be able to secure some. Here's some compelling reasons to get one:

If it's any consolation there is a lot of evidence to suggest that getting a degree, even if it's from a low ranked university, will have a positive effect on lifetime earnings:



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