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Changing Course before going to university

I have already sent my application of to UCAS for a course in Acting and as i couldn't afford every audition (of which there were 4) I chose my two favourites. I also have an offer from a Private University (Richmond the American International University in London), but I have only just found out that it was private and so I would be unable to pay the tuition and living costs.

My question is, come results day, could I get onto another university course for a different subject (e.g. American Studies) by using Clearing?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Clearing and Adjustment will be available to you at Results. Obviously, the better you do in your exams, the more interested universities will be in you and the more choice will be available to you. But there will be opportunities for students with good A level results.

We have a full guide to the Clearing process on site:


Have you checked American Studies courses to make sure that you meet the entry requirements? Go to:

If you receive no offers - or you choose to decline all your offers now - you can go into a process called Extra.

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