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University of Leicester's ranking in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

I have an offer to study for Postgraduate degree (under Electrical & Electronic department) both in University of Leicester and also, University of Leeds.

Leicester has what I really need (i.e. MSc with an option for 1-year internship), while Leed does not. However, Leicester is not currently ranked in Electrical & Electronic Engineering in your 2015 league table. Also, it is not a member of the prestigious Russell group. I want a highly recognized University.
Please, what is Leicester's ranking in the UK as regards this subject; Electrical & Electronic Engineering in the UK?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Leicester is ranked in the General Engineering Table, I believe. Go to:
It is currently ranked 31st.
(Leeds is ranked 8th in the Electronic Engineering table.)

In the main, University ranking table, Leicester is ranked 19th whilst Leeds is ranked 23rd.

I would strongly urge you to choose the best course for you. You can write to the admissions tutors asking for more information; for example, on employment statistics for those graduating from the Master's course.

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