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What constitutes "studying in London" for the purposes of Student Loan Allowance?

Please advise what precisely constitutes "studying in London" when trying to calculate what maintenance loan will be available?

My daughter has a place at the Loughton Campus of Essex University (East 15). It is inside the M25 (so, colloquially, I would consider it inside London) but does not have a London Postcode and is associated with U of Essex, so not a London institution.

Student Finance England / Gov.uk websites do not clarify this for me, SFE helpline seemed unable to answer clearly (stating I would find out when the application went in).
Answered by Alison Patterson
Loughton Campus, University of Essex, is classed as "studying in London" for student finance purposes.

Student Finance England do not make this information easily available and so in general you should contact the university or college in question to discover the position.

We are not sure why it should be such protected information, and perhaps it is not. There are numerous criteria for eligibility for Government loans and perhaps it is simplest for SFE to confirm eligibility on application.

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