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Fees for a Scottish person living outisde of Scotland for only 2 years going back to Scotland to study?

I have been accepted for Medicine at Glasgow University. I have been a resident in Scotland for almost 23 years but I have lived in England for 2 years. Glasgow University is charging me the rest of UK fees. This seems unfair to me, is there anything I can do?
Answered by Alison Patterson
To qualify for Home fees, the general rule is that you should live in Scotland for the three years prior to attending university.

There are certain circumstances under which this rule may be waived (for example, if you had to leave the country temporarily because of a parent's work).

If you think you can claim special circumstances to be treated as a Scottish resident you can appeal to the university.

You have 30 days from the date of the offer to appeal.

Go to:
You must request a Fee Status Enquiry Form.

Also read the following for more info:
(the section on Ordinary Residence in the second link may pertain).

If you can prove that you are a Scottish resident and Glasgow University accepts the case you would fall under the auspices of SAAS and be liable for Home fees.

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