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Living in the EU, how does this affect fees status in the UK?

My son is British but living in Italy with his mother, he is taking Italian Maturita exams but would like to go to a UK university.

Will he be treated as a non UK applicant, and how will this affect fees?
Answered by Alison Patterson
If your son has been living outside the UK for the three years and living in Italy before starting university he is likely to be classed as EU for fees. (Residence is more relevant than nationality.)

In practice, this means that he will be liable to pay the same tuition fee as a UK resident and he will be able to apply for a Student Loan through the British Government. EU students in the UK are not eligible for maintenance (living costs) grants and loans, however.

He should also look into the different funding arrangements by the four countries of the UK as there are different rules depending on whether he applies to Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

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