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Honors vs Non Honors degree

Having completed the ABE Level 6 Diploma I have two progression options available, I can move on to the 3rd year of a non honors business degree from the highly ranked Heriot Watt University or to the final year of an honors degree from the much lower ranked Hertfordshire University. Which path would you recommend?
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Answered by Alison Patterson
Some graduate employers require an honours degree and so you should ask why the HW degree option is non-honours and whether, being a Scottish University, there is a 4th year option too – these are all questions for the Universities concerned and not really the CUG.

The two universities are a long way apart - one is just outside Edinburgh, one is 40 miles north of London. These factors and the honours issue should be important rather than rankings. Hertfordshire has a strong reputation with industry as does Heriot Watt.

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