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Is BMAT result coming out too late to apply to medicine?

I want to apply for medicine. But the BMAT result won't be out until November 2015. Will it not be too late?
Answered by Alison Patterson
You take the November 2015 test. It is not too late; it is correct.

It appears that you should register for the BMAT whilst applying through UCAS. The test is around November of the year of application. The timeline for BMAT is at:

The BMAT website FAQs states: "BMAT results are only accepted by universities in the year candidates apply for university. So, for example, a candidate applying to start university in 2014 or for a deferred place in 2015 needs to sit BMAT in November 2013 – regardless of whether they have sat BMAT before. Likewise, a candidate's score from one year will not affect their chances if re-applying in later years, as each application is considered afresh."

Also look at:

UCAS states: "Most admissions tests happen at the start of the academic cycle, so if you do need to take one you'll need to register for it early – possibly before you've sent your application off. Many of the courses that use admissions tests are also the courses that have the 15 October application deadline – so it's worth checking these details in advance."

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