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Credit equivalency from a US programme to UK programme

Hi I am wondering if I can get some specific information about US and UK credit equivalency. I am interested in study in the UK. I need to complete a minimum of 40 Masters/Graduate level credit (These are the US terms, I am not sure if the terms differ in the UK).

I know there is some difference in the terms of the degrees, courses, and credits, I want to make sure that the course I take will fulfil the US education requirements that I need.

Can you help me with how the credits transfer overseas? What is the credit exchange or equivalency?
Answered by Alison Patterson
In the UK the credit transfer system is not widely used and students tend to study for a Bachelors or a Masters degree in one university as the programmes tend to be lockstep in nature.

To find out if the UK courses you are interested in give you the necessary 40 graduate level US credits you would need to contact individual admissions tutors, details of which can be found on university websites.

I am sorry I have not been more specific. Please let me know if we can be of further assistance.

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