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I've been offered places at uni but want to go into Clearing, is it possible?

I have received offers from universities I have applied to, but the universities I have got into are too close to home and I am not positive I would want to go to there. However, if I put down my firm and insurance down would it be possible for me to go through clearing still by contacting other universities on results day?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Yes, this will be possible. A lot can happen between now and Results Day. You may feel much more positive about your original choices by August/September. You don't need to be many miles from home (living in student accommodation) to feel a long way away.

But if you are still unsure about your choices at Results, you may be eligible for Adjustment (better than expected results) or, alternatively, Clearing. Universities will always consider a very good candidate.

This approach will be time-consuming and could be a bit of a roller-coaster as you will have to contact universities direct and with speed, so it is vital that you are available to spend time on this. (Once you secure an offer from another university you would need to go through UCAS and to ask the CF or CI universities to release you from the original places you are holding in order to formalise everything.)

You should discuss this approach with your parents and teachers/advisers for additional input.

The UCAS Adjustment system is described at:

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