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Is it possible to do an economics degree without maths A-Level?

I am currently not studying Mathematics as an AS-level in college. I want to study Economics in university for my degree. Would it be possible for me to study Economics without having an AS or A level qualification in Mathematics?
Also, what is the difference between a Ba and a Bsc degree for economics?
Answered by Alison Patterson
The list of Economics courses can be found using UCAS Course Search.

Go to:

From here you can click for more detail on individual courses, including Entry Requirements. You should also check universities' websites and write to admissions teams if you need clarification.

You must have GCSE Maths. There do appear to be universities that do not ask for Maths at A/AS level.

For example, Lancaster University:

But Reading University is vague:

I suggest you pick a number of universities that you are interested in and build a list of universities for whom you meet the entry requirements in Economics (also double check with the university for confirmation).

BA is Bachelor of Arts; BSc is Bachelor of Science. You might construe from this that courses are biased in content one way or the other with the BSc containing more emphasis on advanced technical skills (and so perhaps more likely to need A level Maths). A good example for comparison is the University of Sheffield which offers a BA course and a BSC course.

Again, you should check the course content before applying.

I hope this helps.

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