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Clearing for your first choice university, but different course

Hello, I am keen to go to the University of Birmingham this coming September. However, I'm worried that I may not meet the grades after sitting my recent exams. I absolutely love this university and really don't want to go anywhere else as I feel it is perfect for me. If I get declined for my course (politics and philosophy which is highly subscribed) could I go through clearing to see if they have any other courses I could possibly do? Or would it be best to call the university itself and see if there's anything they can offer? Also, since the caps have been removed this year, is it worth calling on the day if I have been declined and trying to persuade them (for example if my grades are very close to my offer)? Thank you!
Answered by Alison Patterson
You should not do anything until Birmingham has made a decision. Remember, they will contact you with their decision as you receive your results, so no time will be lost.

If your A levels do not meet the CF offer and the university declines you, then you should contact them and any other university. You will automatically be entered into Clearing if both universities decline you.

It is too soon to be pessimistic!

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