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Best universities for engineering, and finding relevant courses

In your Top 10 Universities for Mechanical Engineering, universities for general engineering degrees, universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial College were shown. However, I can find no such course on the university websites.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Universities structure their degrees in different ways. In some cases, the student may apply for and be admitted to a course in General Engineering but graduate with a more specific degree; for example, Mechanical Engineering. Often there is a general first year with specialisation as the course develops.

To find out which universities offer admission to a General Engineering degree you need to do a course search.

Our course search yields the following:

UCAS shows the following:

As far as the Subject Tables are concerned, we ask universities which tables they wished to be included in, based on their undergraduate courses.

The course you are looking for has UCAS code H100.

I hope this helps.

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