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First choice and insurance choice

Do you have to take your first choice if you get the grades for it but would actually rather go to your second choice?

My son has applied to Bath and Kent and put Bath first as they are asking for higher grades AAA*

However he would not rather go to Kent who are asking for AAB.

If he gets AAA* or above can he still go to Kent or will he have to go to Bath?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Strictly speaking, he needs to comply with the deal he has entered into - go to Bath if he meets the offer.

However, universities do not like to admit students that don't want to be there so it is likely that he could be released by Bath. But, he shouldn't do this before checking that Kent will admit him. Kent would not be obliged to do so.

You can speak to the universities now or at results time. Your son might change his mind again by August, this is a very stressful time because of exams. We would advise caution, but it might be worth a hypothetical phone conversation with Kent.

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