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What should I take to university?

Hi I know it's a bit premature but I've been accepted on to the university course I wanted. I'm already thinking about what I need to take to university....Nobody in my family has been before, so, what essentials should I take to university?
This is a tough one as of course it depends on the person and what sort of university accommodation you're going into.
Let's just say you're going into shared accommodation and you'll have to cater for yourself; My one top tip would be to NOT go over-prepared. In my first year of university my flatmates and I all turned up cooking pots and cutlery in-hand and lo and behold we had far too much stuff. Make sure you contribute but don't go overboard getting everything you'll ever need. The chances are someone else will have brought it with them and usually they're happy to share. If not, I'm willing to bet there will be some shops nearby to buy what you need at your convenience. But remember to bring all those essentials with you to university which you can't share (at least in civilised society). Take bed sheets, pillows, underwear etc with you to university.
And once you're at university make sure you contribute to your flat/house with things like washing powder, fairy liquid.
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