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Going to firm choice uni but for a different course, is it possible?

If I get declined from my first choice uni for the course I have applied for is it possible to ring admissions on results day and ask if there are any alternative courses they could offer?

I am very keen to go to my first choice uni and would consider a different course if it's suitable.
Answered by Alison Patterson
There is nothing to stop you from calling your firm choice university on Results day (except that hundreds of other people my be doing the same!).

Universities will have made their decisions by results day so you should wait and see what they decide before doing anything. Either you have made the grades and there's nothing to worry about, or you narrowly miss your grades and you are still accepted by your CF, or you may be offered a place on an alternative course at that university. It is best to wait for the university, then phone if necessary.

An accepting university will release you if asked, they don't want disinterested students at their uni.

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