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Clearing for Sept 2015 without UCAS application

I haven't applied to UCAS this year but at a uni open day I was told I could try to apply to clearing for this year, I was wondering how I would be able to do this without a UCAS code etc.?
Answered by Alison Patterson
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The UCAS website states " 30 June UCAS Undergraduate application deadline

If you send your application to us by 18:00 (UK time) on Tuesday 30 June, we'll send it to your chosen unis and colleges. If you send your application after this date you’re entered into Clearing.

To support you with any queries we’ve extended our Contact Centre’s opening hours next week – view our opening hours here."

If you can get your UCAS form ready asap you should be fine depending on the course you want to study and the availability of places. You will need a reference.

I'd be cautious of the uni though. Remember they're in it to fill their places and make money. Ensure you've thoroughly looked into everything before committing to a place. Our 'Choosing a uni' section will help:


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