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Using resit A Levels for applying to university - is it possible?

When applying to university can I use results from one year and the other? e.g an English result from 2014 and a Maths resultt from repeating in 2015?
Hi Emily,

Some highly competitive courses will stipulate that you meet their entry requirements on your first attempt. A particular example that springs to mind is Medicine. Stated in the entry requirements for medicine at the University of Dundee:


This isn't the case for all medical schools though.

For most courses I think you should be OK to use the result from 2015. Best thing to do is to identify the courses you're interested in applying to and checking with the relevant admissions office. Don't waste an application on a university which wouldn't even consider it!

Use our course chooser to search through courses at UK providers, when you find ones of interest click on it to get contact details:


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