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I have a British passport but I live abroad, will I need to take an English Language Test to study in the UK?

I am a British citizen living in Europe, I am finishing my last year of education after which I am aiming to apply to university in the UK.

Do I have to complete the English IELTS tests despite having a British passport?
If you were educated in English then I don't think you need to take the IELTS.

If not then you may well need to despite having British citizenship and a British passport. I would recommend consulting universities you're applying to about this. They set their entry requirements so before you send any application via UCAS best to know that you'll meet the entry requirements and if not you can prepare for the IELTS in earnest.

Native English speakers are often caught out on the IELTS simply because they don't prepare at all. If it comes to taking the language tests I recommend that you familiarise yourself with the format and do some practice tests.

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