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Income threshold for not having to pay fees

What is the income /savings threshold for parents so that the fees are covered i.e. the student does not have to pay fees?
Hi Dee,

I'm afraid there isn't one. You can only get a Tuition Fee LOAN of up to £9,000 a year. You'll start making monthly repayments once you earn over a certain threshold - I believe it's over £21,000 a year. Here's a good page with all the info you need:


The same goes for maintenance loans as well, you won't be able to get a grant from the government but rather a loan of £8,000ish a year. Unless George Osborne goes back on his plan to abolish the maintenance grant

Universities often have bursary schemes and such like for students from low income families but these aren't guaranteed.

If it's any consolation those who do get a degree often a get a decent return on investment and there's some evidence to suggest that lifetime earning will be positively affected - not least starting salary:


If you want to go to university we'd always encourage you to do so but as it's so expensive make sure it's for the right reasons!

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