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Should I take my Durham place or reapply next year to Oxbridge?

Having been pooled for History at Cambridge (Pembroke) but rejected, and after accepting a place to for History at Durham, I got 3A1s at Advanced Higher. At Higher, I got 5A1s. Do my new results put me in a significantly stronger position for applying to Oxbridge?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Did you get any feedback on the reason for rejection from Cambridge? That might more helpful in deciding whether to reapply.

You would of course be taking a gamble by reapplying. You would lose your Durham offer with no guarantees that Durham would re-offer or that Oxford or Cambridge would offer second time round. You would have to declare that it was a second UCAS application, but this is not rare and what you are proposing is quite common.

You should talk to your teachers and parents and consider very carefully before abandoning the Durham offer and reapplying to Oxbridge. I expect you would enjoy student life at Durham and you would not be putting your life on hold for a year.

If you do decide to reapply make sure to read our Insider's guide to applying to Oxbridge:


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