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clearing deadlines

I have missed my offer to get into Warwick which was ABB. I obtained ABC but the C was 4 marks off a B, and so I have asked for it to be remarked, which could take a week. Warwick has said that if the grades do change to ABB then i will be accepted. As i cannot be sure that the grade will change, i have also been applying to universities through clearing. I have been made offers but I have been given a deadline of only 24hours.
I do not know what to do as I cannot wait for my remarks without missing the deadline for my clearing offers. Extensions can be given but i dont know what circumstances would permit this.
Can you please advise me on how i should proceed.
Answered by Cicely Oliver
Hi Tom, you can accept one of your clearing offers now. If your remarks mean that you meet the conditions of your offer from Warwick, you can re-confirm with Warwick that they will take you, and then ask your clearing place to release you back into clearing. You'd then add your original firm choice as a clearing choice so that Warwick could accept you. You would at least have a confirmed place by accepting one of your clearing offers. Good luck!

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