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Reapplying through UCAS after receiving better than expected grades

I was very pleased to receive an offer from Cardiff to start in 2016 after my gap year. However I achieved better than expected exam results and now seem to meet the entry requirements for UCL. I was hoping to submit a second application which would include UCL and Cardiff, do you feel that Cardiff will take a dim view of this second application?
Answered by Alison Patterson
I think you should have gone into Adjustment and have phoned UCL already. If you can get them to accept you for 2016 verbally (on the phone), you can make the appropriate administrative changes through UCAS.
Phone UCL on 0207 679 7381
You may have to wait until Monday. You should try to avoid a second UCAS application because there's no guarantees (although it does sounds like you might be in a good position).

Also read about Adjustment at:


Your teachers should advise you. Our advice is to phone UCL asap.

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