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Entry requirements for Economics

My AS results were an A (Business), B (Maths) and C (Economics, Geography), although the Cs were 1 UMS mark off a B. I had planned to drop business at A2 as I enjoy this subject the least. However as I gained my highest grade in this subject, I am having second thoughts. I've read that doing both Business and Economics at A2 is not liked by universities so I would have to drop one of these subjects. However I am hoping to do economics at university so it may seem strange to universities for me to be applying for an economics degree even though I've just dropped it. Any suggestions on what subject I should drop?
Answered by Alison Patterson
You need to do some research. Check the entry requirements for Economics courses at various universities.

Go to: search.ucas.com/search/providers?Feather=7&Vac=1&A...2



Maths is the most important subject.

Talk to your teachers and take their advice. I think it is probably most important to guarantee the best chance of getting the highest grades, providing it is in allowable subjects.

Have you considered dual degrees, the BA rather than the BSc? Your options are very wide and you need to read up before making subject choices.

Good luck.

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