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Choosing an MSc in Business and Management

I want to study MSc Business and Management and I have got offers from 2 universities -
1) University of Strathclyde
2) Aston University
Which university is better in terms of career, location, education and reputation ?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi there,

Congrats on the two offers. As for how we can help you I'm not so sure. We do not have stats for the questions you ask so it would be hard for us to fully advise. You can contact both universities and acquire their statistics. We do rank universities for Business and Management Studies but this is for undergraduate courses so use it with caution:


As for location, we can't say which is better but consider that Aston is located in Birmingham, the UK's second biggest city with good connections to the rest of the UK by rail or road. Strathclyde is in Scotland in its biggest city, Glasgow. Another city with a lot to do. However it is a bit further from other cities in the UK and is arguably less well connected. On the flip side you're a short jaunt away from stunning scenery.

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