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Sociology or History to study Economics?

I achieved high Bs in Maths, Economics, Sociology and History. I enjoy Sociolgy more than History.

Will I get into a Russell Group university if I study Maths, Economics & Sociology, as I want to drop one subject in my 2nd year A2?

I need to make a decision and ask for guidance in continuing with either sociology or history – which will the universities see as more favourable?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi, there are a few things to think about.

The Russell Group produces a guide called "informed choices". you can read this at:
(Amongst other reading, look at the section on p37 about Economics)

Don't rely solely on this document. You must check the entry requirements and advice given by individual universities. Use a Course Search initially.

Go to


Click on a few courses and the Entry Requirements will be displayed.

It is true that Sociology is regarded as a soft subject compared with History, so carefully check to see if preferences are stated. Maths is treated as essential and an A in Maths should be your main aim.
If your chances of getting a higher grade are greater by taking Sociology than History and you meet entry requirements with Sociology then it may be prudent to drop History, but you must do your homework and be sure of your facts before dropping History.

University of Birmingham states: "
GCE A Level
AAA Typical offer
General information on subjects/grades required for entry: AAA or AABB (if offering 4 A Levels)
Specific subjects excluded for entry: General Studies and Critical Thinking.
Information: A good performance in General Studies or Critical Thinking may be taken into account if you fail to meet the conditions of the offer."

University of Bristol states: "

GCE A Level
A*AA Typical offer
General information on subjects/grades required for entry: A*AA including Mathematics.
Specific subjects excluded for entry: Use of Mathematics and General Studies and Critical Thinking.
Information: Contextual offer: AAB including A in Mathematics. We may make a contextual offer to applicants who attend low-performing schools or who have been in care. Applicants taking Economics would also be expected to achieve A-level grade A (or equivalent)

It is quick and easy to do this search.

Good luck.

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